New Office Hours Beginning August 1st!

Starting 8/1/2019, our office hours will be 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Local #517 Members

Family-supporting wages and affordable health care are essential for all workers to prosper in life!Join Us >>


Local #517 represents highly-skilled workers who are experienced to complete the project on time and on budget.Learn more>>

Local #517 Training

Members undergo extensive training to become the highly-skilled workers of the industry!See our scheduled classes! >>

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Local #517 supports legislation that will create good jobs! We fight to stop unjust proposals that could undermine worker rights!How to Get Involved >>


Community Action!

Learn about these efforts that will help our communities

Raise the B.A.R. St. Petersburg is committed to ensuring that local residents are put to work on infrastructure and capital improvement projects. As part of its commitment to its workers and local residents, Raise the B.A.R. St. Petersburg is fighting for responsible wages and access to affordable healthcare, retirement benefits, and long-term careers in the construction industry.

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