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I, hereby authorize Walt Disney World Co. to deduct from wages due and payable to me on the first regular pay day of next month and on the first regular pay day of each succeeding month the amount of $14.00 + 1%.

An amount equal to the monthly membership dues of Local No. 517 of the Union, and hereby authorize the Company to pay this amount to Local No. , for my account on or before the 15th day of the calendar month following the month in which the deduction is made.

I further authorize the Company to deduct from my wages. an amount equal to the initiation fee of said Union in the amount of $ -0- in not more than four(4) equal deductions.

This authorization is voluntarily made in order to pay my fair share of the Union's cost of representing me for the purposes of collective bargaining, and this authorization is not conditioned on my present or future membership in the Union.

I understand that I may revoke this authorization by so notifying the Company and the Union in writing, during the calendar month one year from the date of this authorization; or during that same calendar month in any succeeding year; or within the fifteen (15) days prior to the termination date of the collective bargaining agreement between the Company and Local No. 517 . The payments covered by this authorization are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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